New York… In The Blink Of An Eye


“New York was his town, and it always would be.”

― Woody Allen, Manhattan

It’s strange how a place built with bricks and mortar can sink in under your skin like a syringe drawing blood, lingering in your memories with an aching beauty… If there is one thing I know for sure then it is that I am not the only one — and certainly won’t be the last — to be overwhelmed and enchanted by the Big Apple. Yet, I am amused at how, on a very primal (or spiritual) level, I do not want to, or cannot, divorce myself from the childlike wonder and excitement New York evoked inside me…

I question myself daily on this in an attempt to nail what it is that I am holding onto: Is it Hope? Is it an over-inflated and naïve sense of idealism or Destiny? Is it the feeling I felt while I was there that anything is possible — all my dreams can come true? Or is it perhaps just the little boy inside me who tasted ice cream for the first time and now wants all he can eat… and much, much more? (Dreams and fantasies do taste a bit like chocolate-chip ice cream, don’t they?)

Whatever the case may be, even though I’ve long since returned to my home in London, I keep dreaming about New York City almost every night… literally walking down Christopher Pier on the Hudson River, catching the subway to an organic food market on 125th street and having oysters and white wine on Bleecker Street, in my sleep.

In fact, just the other night I dreamed Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall called me up to join them for a bit of retro thrift shopping in the East Village. Kim was hunting down a light powder green cashmere cardigan she saw in Gramercy on 3rd Street… Turns out SJP pulled out last minute because the twins had a crayon-crisis or something, but Kim and I had a blast — I also got Mizzzz Catrall to buy the cutest silver hipster slacks. She’s gonna rock that look when we meet for brunch at Market Table on Carmime, next week Wednesday.

(Let me be clear on one thing: I am not, and never have been, a massive Sex In The City fan… so I DO NOT know where all of this coming from… Little boy? Ice cream? Good lord!)

Any who, the long of the short is, my New York experience can best be described as one of those perfect relationships… You know the type where the relationship ends even though it’s pretty awesome, but the timing isn’t right. After the break-up you blissfully carry on with your life, never completely letting go of that ‘perfect’ love and the slightest inkling of remorse or regret is smothered by the wonderful memories you have of your time together. (It’s pretty f*cked up, I know!)

That’s way, after three months of being back in London, I finally sat down and sifted through all the video footage I took while I was in NYC (before now, I needed some time to heal after the ‘break-up’)…

This is what I came up with… it hardly begins to scratch the surface of my experience, but hopefully it captures a bit of the spirit in which the Big Apple received me:

New York… in the blink of an eye‘ is a short montage of the time I spent in the Big Apple earlier this year. 12 Days in NYC was literally a blink of an eye before it was over, but the memories and the impression the city and its people left me with will last me a lifetime and them some…

Images: FR Lubbe, Little Red Shoes
Text: FR Lubbe, Little Red Shoes
Video: FR Lubbe, Little Red Shoes


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