Coffee, right?


You might think it’s nothing.
Just a cup of coffee,
It’s not.
It’s more than that.

It’s not just beans,
dried and crushed
and purified
and ground
and perfectly brewed.
No, it’s more.

It becomes part of me
when I swallow it down.
It enters me
and stays inside,
Like the thoughts I have of you –
the ones I try to stop,
the ones I hide
because they hurt,
the ones that make me cry
and long for you.
The ones that’s bitter,
and no milk or sugar will ever mend.
The ones that haunt me
in the morning, noon
and all day long.

It’s not just a cup of coffee,
It’s more than that.
Like you and I.

Image – FR Lubbe
Text: FR Lubbe


3 thoughts on “Coffee, right?

  1. After hearing you read this poem at a poetry evening, I decided to visit your blog. I love your stuff. Perhaps you should think about adding the stories behind your poems as a footnote. I think it will make the read so much richer.


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