It’s There…


(For Heidi – Thanks for your consistent inspiration)

It’s there when I wake up,
In my cup of coffee,
And my morning shower.

It’s on the bus,
It’s on the train,
And every waking hour.

It’s at the gym,
In my after dinner treat,
And my kiss good night.

It’s there when I sleep,
In every dream,
It’s there, but not quite.

It’s in my heart,
It has no shame,
And asks no pity.
It’s constant,
It’s brave,
It’s loyal,
And out of sight.

You may not even notice,
You may not even see,
And wouldn’t say,
But I wear it every day.
It’s mine.
It’s beautiful,
It’s perfect,
And it’s broken.

Images – ‘Broken’ Painting by Francois Lubbe. All rights reserved. Property of Little Red Shoes. (Repro of one of the street artist Pure Evil’s work… just to get me started.)
Text: FR Lubbe


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