War and Peace

Quibbling does not a good sauce make,
whilst we have bread to break.
T’is why I say, it’s pointless
counting rabbits before they’re baked.
Brother, we have walked this land
in pride and in vain a long time ago.

So, ask again: Why this war?
The bloodshed,
tears and pain?
What are we to gain?

The past is gone
and we must start again
without memory or salute
of our world so pollute.

I command this now: Take my hand.
Accept this peaceful offering,
and build a future side by side
as friends and not as foes –
to love each other without any woes.

** Dedicated to all the lives lost and the broken dreams suffered from all the wars throughout the ages**

Text:  Francois Lubbe
Image: Francois Lubbe


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