Apple-Cinnamon Tea: Monday Morning 3:30

That’s something I don’t have:
an umbrella.
My boyfriend lost his
and the guy sitting across
the table can’t whistle
or shout
but he can speak though

Last year I was twenty
but I’ve come a lot further than most
twenty-year-olds, or so I’m told.
Someone sings about his best
that wasn’t good enough
and I wonder about my own…

We have another cup of tea
and we drip and drab in conversation
but all we actually want to say is:

Please hold us
we are young and can get hurt too.
Don’t give us umbrellas and words
it won’t protect us from life
and its teachings..
   (don’t chase us away from what we are feeling)

Image: Marc Nichols
Text: Apple-Cinnamon Tea: Monday Morning 3:30 by FR Lubbe, from the unpublished anthology ‘Poems from the Past’


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