The Day Jamie Died

(For Jamie… A friend and a brother)

I played in the garden,
I ate like a king
and mocked the queens.
I heard no trumpet sound,
marching band
or mourners’ song.

On this day, I laughed out loud
and walked so proud
with hustlers and trannies
in the rainbow crowd.
I felt my dreams came true
without a thought of you
or what you’re going through.

The day Jamie died
someone held my hand
and gave me joy and
and played pretend.
In the garden of life,
he made me believe, like Jamie once did,
his love would never end.

Little did I know
that somewhere far away
in his father’s arms Jamie laid
perhaps in anger
perhaps in pain –
nonetheless solitaire
and with little shame –
before he peacef’ly went,
back to God,
from where he once was sent.


James Alexander Lockyear – 13 February 1971 – 1 July 2011.

Jamie once said:

“Eventually every water molecule on this planet will have passed thru the mouth of the Nile and every atom that makes up me has made up someone else and will be someone else’s to come.”

James was a wonderful man with many faults and flaws, angels and demons. Ultimately, he made an impression on every one that crossed his path… however brief the encounter might have been.

He inspired me to paint, to dream, to just be myself and to trust (unreservedly) that the path I have chosen is the correct one.

He also loved me for a very short while. Once I gave him a bath when he was sick and tired and he believed this saved his life… It was the small things that made a difference for him.

He called me Floppy. I called him Dodo. He was like a brother.

I will miss him dearly.

Text: Francois Lubbe
Images1: Drag Queen
Images2: Jamie and Snake – James Alexander Lockyear


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